Statistics about the engagement rates of kids in our schools.

– 93% of students believe that trying hard at school is important. (PISA 2012)

– 88% want to do their best at school. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– 15% of students don’t care about school anymore (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– 15% of students do as little school work as possible. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– 79% of students aged between 13-15 reported that they don’t think about a lesson once it’s over. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– 26% of students think that what they are learning in school is irrelevant for their life. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– 21% of students don’t believe that school is helping them become the person they want to be. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– 38% of students report being ‘usually bored’ at school. (Learning Frontiers 2014)

– Male students are less likely to reach Year 12 than females and school retention rates among females in 2012 were 8.5 percentage points higher than that for males. (DEECD, 2013)

– The percentage of students that love school reduces from 95% in Kindergarten to 37% in Year 9. (Jenkins, 2012)

– According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the school student retention rate in Australia has risen from approximately 33% in 1980 to about 80% in 2012 with Victoria slightly higher at 82%. (DEECD, 2013)

– 7.3% of 15-19 year old Australians are not in education, employment or training. (AIHW, 2011)

– One in ten young people are unemployed, twice as high as the overall labour force population. (AIHW, 2011)

– One in three young people live in households experiencing financial stress. (AIHW, 2011)

– One in ten young people live in jobless families. (AIHW, 2011)

The following graph illustrates an interesting trend in student engagement over the years spent at school. (Jenkins, 2012)
Jenkins (2012)

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