First Australians

Statistics about how our First Australian kids are doing in school.

– 60% percent of Aboriginal children significantly behind non-Aboriginal children by the time they start Year One (Koori Mail, 390).

– An Aboriginal student’s chance of employment rises by 40% if they complete year 10 or 11. Completing Year 12 increases employment prospects by a further 13% (NSW DET, 2004)

– 1642 Aboriginal students are enrolled in preschool in 2014 (in 1999 this was 869).

– 10% of Aboriginal children graduate from Year 12. (PS News Online, 2015)

– 64% of early childhood Aboriginal students are enrolled in pre-school. (Koori Mail, 494)

– Indigenous young people are overrepresented in the child protection system (5–7 times as high), and in the juvenile justice system and prison (each 15 times as high). (AIHW, 2011)

– NAPLAN scores show the percentage of low SES, Indigenous and remote-area students below the standards in reading, writing and numeracy is between 5 to 9 times greater than high SES students. (Reid, 2015)

– By year 9, the gaps between these low and high SES groups represents a difference of up to 4 to 5 years of learning. (Cabbald, 2015)

– Over half of all Year 10 Koorie students are still in school two years later (Year 12), compared with 83% of non-Koorie students. (Victorian Government, 2015)


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